Comedy: The Musical

Hosted by: Chelsea Burns, Jaren George

Comedy: The Musical is a stand-up comedy/musical improv mash-up show. A comedian tells jokes, then our musical improvisers sing a funny song inspired by their punchlines!

Comedy Cornucopia

Hosted by: Hunter Donaldson

The 6 festival headliners kickoff the festival with a comedy show for the ages.

Conversations Over Fruit Chews

Hosted by: Mary Jane French

Come witness comedians frantically unwrapping candies to shove them in their mouths while discussing the impending financial recession, and watch your host get a progressively larger tummy ache as the hour progresses!


Hosted by: Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch brings together comics of all sorts to share their wildest talents and skills.


Hosted by: Jenna Vesper

Comedians perform their sets as usual, with one catch: one or more of their parents are watching the whole time!
Skyped in from around the globe parental figures watch in shock and delight as comedians try their best to make their folks proud while wowing the crowd.

Dumb and Busted

Hosted by: Allyson Koplin, Hannah Eather, Hunter Donaldson

Dumb and Busted is a true crime/ comedy podcast with stories of exceptionally smart and insanely stupid crimes, and each week, a new comedian joins us as our guest.

Eat Your Beats

Hosted by: Alejandro Morales

Eat Your Beats is a food-themed rap battle game show, featuring comedians freestyling in a series of challenges that test their lyrical dexterity and culinary imagination.

 Forgotten Fantasies Live:
The Wicker Man

Hosted by: Michael Garcia, Avalon Leonetti

Forgotten Fantasies is a nostalgia based comedy panel show featuring comics, musicians & artists riffing on classic gonzo film & TV clips, vintage commercials and a lot of fuzzy memories. This very special episode focuses on the granddaddy of all harvest based horror films The Wickerman! 

Get Stuffed: A Heaping Helping of Comedy

Hosted by: Dave Hill

Dave Hill hosts this stuffed to the gills comedy extravaganza!


Hosted by: Nowal Massari, Danielle Borja

Best friends and paranormal investigators, Danielle and Zee, get together to share stories of the macabre over a mug or 3 of rosé.

The Hosea Hustle

Hosted by: Shane Hosea

Shane and a Guest take product/service pitches from the audience and punch them up to get them ready for the big scary economy.

For this version we will have multiple guests pitching dream products to Shane and the main guest. 

Interruption Show

Hosted by: Dalia Malek

Interruption Show is a stand-up comedy show where stand-up comedian Dalia Malek and rotating co-hosts interrupt a showcase of stand-up comedians mid-performance to ask burning questions and dig for backstories related to their jokes. It's stand-up comedy meets choose-your-own-adventure.

The Island Show

Hosted by: Eddie Su

Visiting and local comedic superstars join forces for a charming showcase.  

Isn’t She Great

Hosted by: Elizabeth Teets

A Celebration of women in comedy. Comedians plus a movie. For the festival several women will pick important movie clips to watch and discuss.

Kickin’ It with Shain Brenden

Hosted by: Shain Brenden

Kickin' It is the monthly late-night style comedy show hosted by Portland comedian Shain Brenden at Kickstand Comedy Theater. Character interviews, audience challenges, man on the street segments and stand up comedy every fourth Friday!

The Last Supper: Festival Closing Show

Hosted by: Riley McCarthy

The 2nd year of the Ha Ha Harvest Festival wraps up with a wild explosion of hilarity.

The Leftovers Show

Hosted by: Michael Phelps

Shake off your hangover with a nice midday comedy excursion.

Locals Only: A PNW favorites Stand-Up Show

Hosted by: Eddie Su

A showcase of the best and funniest of the Pacific Northwest.

Lunchbox Confetti

Hosted by: Nick Puente

Stand up, Improv & Sketch come together in one glorious chaotic beautiful trainwreck! Standups do their set then an ever rotating improv troupe made up of improvisers & the other stand ups on the show come up & do improvised/sketched scenes based off the Stand up's set!

NW Black Comedy Festival Showcase

Hosted by: The Real Hyjinx

A celebration of the NW Black Comedy Festival.


Hosted by: Jaren George

A nice comedy show all about staying positive and having a good time.

Portland Queer Comedy Festival Tribute

Hosted by: Belinda Carroll

A tribute to the iconic Portland Queer Comedy Festival.

Pitch, Please!

Hosted by: Carolyn Main

The Game of the sixty second Screen Play! Four Contestants pitch competing screenplays, fast! Based on an illustrated deck of movie cliches.


Hosted by: Bobby Higgley, Jenna Vesper

Comics are given an agreed upon kink which they will experience throughout their set. At first, the hosts will perform a particular kink on the comic. Then the tables turn and the comic performs the kink on the hosts. .

The Sleepover Show

Hosted by: Jason Anderson

You’re invited to a sleepover in Jason Anderson’s childhood bedroom in 1994. All your friends will be there, like standup comics *insert guest comic names here* and the improv troop Dreamweaver. Tell your parents not to worry, as Jason’s dad *insert actor’s name* will keep the kids in line, while the puppets Harold (Jason’s imaginary friend) and the Monster in Jason’s closet, will keep the party lively. Pajamas and blanket forts are encouraged, but don’t worry about snacks, as there will be plenty of Fruit Rollups and Capris Suns for everyone invited.

Slide Into Your DMs

Hosted by: Jamie Carbone

Equal parts comedy and Dungeons & Dragons, Slide Into Your DMs requires comedians to roll a 20-sided die during their sets that will change what is expected of them. Depending on what number comes up, they may have to suddenly shill for mountain dew, be cursed to dress like Shrek, or even have a monster encounter like a depressed goblin or a skeleton filled with whimsy. Every show is unique, and the show itself is ever evolving to make sure the audience is getting the best of both worlds.

So...You’re Canadian with Dave Hill

Hosted by: Dave Hill

Dave Hill isn't from Canada. But his grandfather Clarence Blake was, and he wouldn't shut up about it. Still, Dave wondered: what do we really these know about these Canadians? So every Tuesday, Dave attempts to get to know our neighbors to the north - one Canadian at a time. And yeah, of course he talks about curling, poutine, Bachman-Turner Overdrive and a bunch of other awesome Canadian stuff too.This podcast is seriously Canadian. And it's not sorry about it.

Spec Script

Hosted by: Chris Khatami, Shane Hosea, Lydia Manning, Andy Iwancio

Spec Script is a live podcast where a funny person writes an episode of a TV show they have never watched. Then a bunch of artists get together and read it on stage. Spec Script is based out of Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. For the festival Spec Script will have a cast of 30 performers.

Synchro-niss With Me

Hosted by: Shannan Hunt, Amanda Lynn Deal, Jono G, Shain Brenden

We take comics, and with the help of Synchronicity, go on a group adventure in downtown Portland using a pre-determined number, and oversized foam dice as our guides. Along the way we have to do crazy actions that are determined by a random card pull like “Commit a random act of kindness”, or “Tell a stranger a joke”- and YOU (our audience) get to see all of this from the comfort of Kelly's Olympian because of the magic of technology (livestream)! Pre walk-stand up show and post walk performer panel ties everything together. Every show is wackier and wilder than the next! It’s like a mystical Billy On The Street.

Starving for Laughs

Hosted by: Bryan Bixby, Chase Anderson, Jono-G

A fundraising straight-up stand up show for the Oregon Food Bank. Make people laugh while you make a difference.


Hosted by: Ron Lynch

RON LYNCH hosts TOMORROW! -- the longest-running show of its kind in Los Angeles, now in its 14th year of acclaimed live late night lunacy.

Truth or Dare Live

Hosted by: Emma Jonas

Truth or Dare Live is a comedy game show where comics reveal the truth and the audience dictates the dares. Six comedians write down a truth and put it in the bucket, then perform standup for ten minutes each. Audience members write down dares and submit them. After each set, the host pulls a truth from the bucket and the comic who just performed must guess whose it is. If they guess correctly, the other comic must do a dare. If they guess wrong, they must do a dare. If it's their own truth, they must admit to it and do a dare.

What’s More Metal

Hosted by: Nariko Ott & Dan Weber

A podcast where two burnout comedians Nariko Ott & Dan Weber debate what the most Metal shit in the universe is.