About Us


Shannan Hunt

Festival Founder & Executive Producer

Shannan Hunt is a Portland based comedian, actor, writer, podcaster and producer. Hunt is an award winning film maker. She is producing and co-directing a film about the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Portland comedy community. She has also had films screened at The Portland Film Festival.

She produces and occasionally hosts the 5-years-strong Early Open Mic at Kelly’s Olympian, and is the producer of the hit live show Synchro-Niss With Me, a show that brings Synchronicity, stand-up, and person-on-the-street together for a magical and riotous good time.

Her work has been seen on IFC.com and Bitch.com Her dream is to kill on a stage in front of 40,000 people and then ride off on a unicorn and disappear into a cloud of glitter.



Chris Khatami

Creative Director

Chris Khatami is a podcaster, comedian, and Persian based out of Portland. He tells jokes all over the West Coast, and has performed at Portland Podcast Festival, Undertow Comedy Festival, Rose City Comic Con and Sacramento Podcast Festival.

He hosts a podcast called Spec Script, where a funny person writes an episode of a TV show they have never seen. It’s real good and you should check it out!




Leigh Ann Weidlich

Production Coordinator

Leigh Ann Weidlich is Assistant GM of Helium Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon. Passionate about her hometown, she studied theater arts and history at Portland State, where she had a pretty heavy improv phase, and was involved in numerous theater productions and film projects. Leigh Ann worked at Portland Center Stage for six years in memberships and front-of-house management, and held various roles at Oregon Historical Society, NW Film Center, Fertile Ground Festival, Portland Walking Tours, Portland Rose Festival and Portland Business Alliance.

In 2007, she saw a Comedians of Comedy show at Roseland Theater that changed her life. It inspired her to volunteer with Brody Theater and Bridgetown Comedy Festival, where she became hopelessly obsessed with live comedy, and it's still kind of a problem.

Leigh Ann began working for Helium Comedy Club from the launch in 2010, and it is now one of the top rated comedy clubs nationwide. She was production manager at Undertow Comedy Festival in Lincoln City, and she is so grateful for the wonderful team at Ha Ha Harvest!

She once single-handedly saved six people from a burning building, but she doesn't like to brag about it.



Michael Phelps

Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Portland, OR Michael Phelps is a comedian, musician, and producer who has been questioning the world around him since the day he could think. Drawing from personal experiences, Phelps uses energetic stories to examine societal issues, politics, and the absurdities of everyday life. Phelps is a host and producer of The CAST IRON Comedy Showcase in SW Portland. He was featured in the Point Break Comedy and Meatball Sammich Fest 2019 and is part of the dream team behind Portland’s Ha Ha Harvest Fest 2019. Though Phelps will occasionally advocate for toppling capitalism through class warfare, he ultimately wants to have fun, watch basketball, and bring joy to the world.



Heidi Hunter

Social Media Manager

Heidi Hunter is a Portland native, stage actor, pole dancer, copy editor, cat mom and wrestlebitch. She's stoked to receive professional credit for dicking around on social media as if she doesn't already do that eight hours a day, every day. She loves podcasts about sex and sketch comedy and hates tequila and Seinfeld. She thinks she's much funnier than she is. Much love to Chris and Shannan, who brought her on without hesitation or resume, and to the Portland comedy community for being both deeply weird and for nodding politely when she uses too many obscure Yiddish words.



Jaren George

Photography Coordinator

Jaren George was born and raised in New York City, is a comedian now living in Portland, OR. Performed in shows mostly around the Northwest, 2019 DC Comedy Festival, NW Black comedy Festival, and SF Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival. He just wants you (the audience) to be engaged and feed off his intensely high charismatic ways. Jaren's style for jokes can only be described as "energetic storytelling" with a second main entree of "Ah, I see what he did there" because he spoils you. He will bring you unconventional humor and twists. Jaren simultaneously runs a show in Portland called Optimism and co-hosts a show called Comedy: The Musical. You can catch him doing shows around Portland. Your cat adores him.



Juliet Mylan

Events Coordinator

Juliet is a queer comedian in Portland making waves with her sassy gender talk. She has appeared in The Gay Agenda, SMUT, Brown Bag Comedy, Synchro-Niss with Me, and is a semi-regular contributor to Spec Script. She also organizes events at What the Gender F*@k!



Shanté Starshine

Production Coordinator

Shante is a PNW native, comedian, musician, writer and producer. She is a two-time graduate of the Brody Comedy Theater and a two-time graduate of the Helium! Known for her warmth, spunk and whit, she shares the humorous trials of family life, growing up poor and being raised by die-hard hippies. Shante has performed in and produced successful Stand-Up Comedy Showcases in the Vancouver area and is very excited to be a part of the Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival J Her dream is to open her own café lounge in her home-town of Portland and host regular comedy and live music nights with up & coming talent, good food and drink plus plenty of love and laughter. Coming soon to a café near you!